Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb and eggs.

From Our Pastures
to Your Family's Table

Grass-fed and pasture-raised: our passion is providing food you can feel good about.

Our beef are raised on a salad-bar of wild grasses from start to finish.

Our pork and poultry are raised on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO grains; no antibiotics, no hormones, raised with loving care.


Four families bought a whole cow and a whole hog last May. We all enjoyed it. The ground is amazing, very lean. We've already purchased more.
Tadd Andrle
Eating grass-fed meat is so important, it's the key to overcoming my client's health challangers. I like to give out gift certificates to Twisted Oaks Meats.
Rachel Headings, Functional Medicine Practioner in Iowa City
Thanks for the fun emails, I do always enjoy reading what you are up to on the farm. I bought 10+ pounds of your beef several weeks ago and it has been delicious!
Joseph Klingelhutz
If you're looking for the real deal - a farmer who is committed to animals raised right, these are your folks. It's so good to find a local food source you can trust.
Sam Ingersoll

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Why are pastured and grass-fed animals better for the planet?

Why are we so committed to this way of raising animals?

Animals raised in confinement get sick easily so they need lots of antibiotics to survive. 

Those antibiotics get into their flesh and the water supply.

Tilling the soil to raise grains to feed animals destroys the topsoil, releases carbon into the air, and requires at least 40 million pounds a year of chemicals  - all of which end up in the meat and the water supply.

The huge machines and fuel required to raise this grain and transport it - are wildly energy-inefficient and polluting.

Pasture is not only green and beautiful: it also sucks carbon from the atmosphere, reducing global warming. 

Animals roaming on pasture improve the health of the soil tremendously with their manure and plant pruning, making the plants grow better, and thus creating a mutually beneficial cycle between earth and animal.

Thick pasture and healthy soil create a great diversity of plants and animals, which reduces the chances of swarms of invasive species and insects, reducing drastically the need for pesticides and herbicides.

    Antibiotic-free, lean and tender, our SALAD-BAR beef in Iowa is the world's best.