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Why is there a goose in the chicken coop?

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This is a portable chicken coop.  It's moved regularly to give the chickens access to fresh pasture.  

Midge lives in there with the chickens, as nasty ole racoons and weasels try every night to get in there and eat them. 

That cage is strong and impervious.  But those weasels - they'll spend all night trying to weasel their way underneath it. 

Does Midge get upset when her babies are taken away to market?

Yes..she tries to sit on them to keep them from being removed.

However, she is immediately given a fresh batch to protect, so she's distracted from her goosey grief.

Jamie says, "It's hard to raise enough birds to fill all our orders."



This is Nick - on the far right. He has nine wives.  

These lambs are the beginning of Jamie's 1000-head herd of lamb, coming soon! 


What's looks like there's a lone donkey at Twisted Oaks farm. Is that gal just decorative?

OH HECK NO. Get a load of this: 

That mule named Molly is the BEST COW BIRTH COACH and calf protector you ever did see.

Prior to her arrival coyotes would take newborn calves right from the mothers during the birthing process. 

Oh horrors, right. "It took me a while to figure out what was happening," said Jaime. "But once we brought Molly on, it's never happened since."

WOW. Respect to the Lady Mule!