Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb and eggs.
Beef Stick Sampler

Beef Stick Sampler

Beef Stick Sampler
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One Package each of these flavors:  Medium Hot, Sweet and Hot, Regular Mild, Teriyaki and Pepper Garlic.

Ready to eat, no cooking necessary, these are the perfect snack on the go. 

The beef in these sticks is our signature product: our salad-bar beef! 


Pasture is not only green and beautiful. It also sucks carbon from the atmosphere, reducing global warming. 

Animals roaming on pasture improve the health of the soil tremendously with their manure and plant pruning, making the plants grow better, and thus creating a mutually beneficial cycle between earth and animal.

So when you eat grass-fed, pastured beef - SMILE and ENJOY - because it's delicious AND you're making the world a better place. :)