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Jalapeno Bratwurst

Jalapeno Bratwurst

Jalapeno Bratwurst
$6.50/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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These have the KICK you'd expect from the jalapeno.  But it's not THAT spicy.  Just the right amount so it's delicious.  My 3-year-old nephew scarfs these down.

There are 6 big honking brats per package, so this can be an easy-to-make main course for a family dinner.  

And lucky you if there is any leftover for your lunch tomorrow.  But don't count on it!

These cook up quickly and easily.

I add some fat like a pat of butter to help them get a fry going.  After 3 minutes on opposite sides, take off the heat, cover and steam them until interior pink is almost entirely gone.

But you can bake or broil too. 


Remember, friends:  

When you order this special pork cut for your family, you are doing more than just creating a good meal and getting good nutrition.

You are supporting a small family farm and the ethos that goes with that: animals raised in the most humane and healthy manner for them, us and the planet. 

Our pigs are pasture-raised, supplemented on non-GMO grains, and never given antibiotics and hormones.  

They're happy pigs and the meat smells clean and fresh!  

So, for many reasons, you can feel super good about buying these brats for your family.