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Pork Butt Roast (5-6 lbs)

Pork Butt Roast (5-6 lbs)

$5.50/lb. Avg. 6 lb.
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Port Butt roast: this is what you slow cook in the crockpot - or heavy pot with lid in the oven - all day, then pull apart and add barbeque sauce for delectable pulled pork.

Put about 2 cups of water in the pot, along with a split onion and one split apple to add to the sweet/savory smell and taste of the meat. So easy!

This is one of the most affordable cuts that everyone will love, that you almost can't get wrong. 


Our pigs are healthy, happy animals that live most days of their lives on pasture or in woodlands. 

Our pigs’ diets are supplemented with non-GMO grains.  

They are not given grains with antibiotics to make them grow faster. 

So our pigs are usually smaller than pigs raised in CAFO's, (confinement animal feeding operation


"The worst thing I ever smelled was the inside of a pig that had been raised in confinement in a factory farm," said Jamie.

Those pigs have been breathing in manure their entire lives.

So it's in their meat and the smell is noxious and always there, even when you take it out of the freezer and cook it months later.

We're so proud of our fresh, clean pork.  Enjoy! Guilt free!