Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb and eggs.
Strips and Ground Basket

Strips and Ground Basket

Strips and Ground Basket
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This package includes:

10 pounds of healthy, delicious 85% salad bar burger1!

And 2 packages (4 steaks) of our succulent tenderloin filets.  

THIS IS SPECIAL - it's only offered only ONCE per year!


Our SALAD-BAR beef is so good for you! 

No antibiotics, no hormones, no grains - just a salad-bar of wild greens went into the making of this food. 

It's chock-full of digestible vitamins, minerals and good fats.

When you buy this meat, you’re healing the planet by supporting farmers dedicated to re-covering the earth in life-giving, carbon sucking pasture.